Volvo 240

IPD. This is one of the longest lasting most useful parts suppliers around. they have a large variety of stock and aftermarket part supplies available. If you are looking for a 25MM swaybar for the front and/or rear of your car, IPD is where you want to go. I have 28MM sways on the front of both of my coupes and 25MM sways on the rear.

Voluparts. Volvo only new and used parts.

STS Machining. Performance parts for your 240

Kaplhenke. Hard core Volvo only supplier. Performance and fabrication only. Has the most innovative and some of the best made performance parts for your 240 and 740 around.

yoshifab. Hard core Volvo only supplier. Performance and fabrication only. They (among many other things) have a shortened distributor allowing you to run a block mounted distributor with a 16V head.

Dave Barton. Lots of useful parts. Prancing moose stickers!

Wagonmeister. Seat foam!!! Lots of other innovative products, focus on NLA products that you can't get anywhere else.

International Auto Parts. I use them for the metric hose by the foot. Hard to get at the local parts store.

Pirtek fluid products. Metric banjo bolts.

Aluminum Head Rebuilders. Located in Portland. They do good work and have a large inventory. Fast and reasonable service.

Sparco USA. Love their steering wheels. I have two.

Valvespring compressor that works with Volvo redblock heads. The only one that I have found that works this well.

Warp's bags. Perfect backs for putting over your engine while you build it in the damp garage.

ATE north America. ATE super blue brake fluid.

Classic Tube. Brake tubing and tools.

StopTech. High performance brakes.

EBC brakes. High performance brakes.

Drivelines NW. Performance/custom drivelines.

Daniel Stern Lighting. Headlamp stuff. Buy your H4 round or square lamps here for your early 240. I really cant stress enough just how much of an improvement these will make on the road. I have the round H4 lamps on my 83 and the dual H4/H1 on my 84.

Xpel headlamp protection. Protect your expensive headlamps.

GE LED headlamps. Modern LED headlamps.

Vintage Car LEDs. I think that I like these even better than the GE headlamps. I like the fact that they look like traditional H4 lamps.

Summit Racing. Performance parts. Largely generic US performance, but lots crosses over.

Spec Clutches. Performance Clutches.

Clutchnet. Clutches of all types.

Alamo turbochargers. Good people, good service, good prices. Can rebuild any turbo. They have rebuilt two of mine.

Clips and Fasteners. All the crazy little plastic clips that get trashed over 30 years of ownership.

Superbright LEDs. LED bulbs of all types.

LED electronics. More LED bulbs.

425 motorsports. Local speed shop in Bellevue, Wa.

Ireland Engineering. BMW stuff, but they have urethane motor mounts that fit the 240.

Automotive Specialty Tools. They have OE style valvespring depressors and pliers for redblock motors.

Sir Tools. TAB bushing tool, oil seal arbors. I have all of these and they work very well.

Volvo Wiring Diagrams. Just like it says. Wiring diagrams for Volvo cars.

Volvo Tips. They have parts reference manuals and green books online. Very handy. Lots of good reference information. More good reference.

ZF-Steering. ZF steering rack parts. Parts, pieces, whole units and rebuild services for the Laycock OD on the M46 transmissions.