Volvo 240

Had to fix the alternator mount yesterday

Added on by Chris Quill.

I noticed last weekend that the alternator was sitting at an odd angle. After crawling under the car, it was obvious that the bushings in the alternator mount were completely wasted. I had previously replaced the worn original with the HD version.


Those wore out, so I then replaced them with poly bushings.

Those wore out, so I figured I'd go with solid bushings (from Yoshifab).

Those lasted quite a while, till now.

So, a replacement bracket, a sand blaster, some new Yoshifab bushings, some very bad tig welding and some clear engine enamel later and you get this:

I also pressed a new Yoshi bushing into the tensioner bracket. I figured that if it took a 20 ton press to push it in, I didn't need to weld it.

You know its funny. People swear by the polyurethane bushings, but I've never had much luck with them. They always end up looking like this:

Just wasted. Soft and spongy. You can tear the poly with your fingers. Sigh. With any luck, I'll not have to futz with it again.