Volvo 240

Changed the starter

Added on by Chris Quill.

Went out to run to the store this evening and..... click. click. click. Solenoid engages, but the motor will not turn over. Whacked the starter with a hammer a few times - nothing. Starter finally gave up the ghost. This has been creeping up for a few weeks. Every once in a while it'll happen, but give it a thump and it'll turn over. Not tonight I'm afraid. I broke out the jack at 2032 and was putting the tools away at 2052. Whopping 20 minutes to change the starter. I love old cars sometimes. On the topic of starters for these redblocks, I've been using the smaller 740/940 Bosch starter. They are permanent magnet with a gear reduction. It has threaded ears that makes them a snap to change (not that it's a common occurrence however). They are just more compact and weigh less. I conveniently had a spare, but I think that I'll have my old one remanufactured locally so I have another ready spare.